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ORCA Grow Film

Light Matters, Why Waste It?

Utilising patent pending nanotechnology, ORCA Grow Film reflects 94% of light across the full visible full spectrum. It provides a consistent performance for all wavelengths relevant to plant stimulation.

No light will escape and the reflected light maintains its original colour spectrum and wavelength, so there is no colour shift or iridescence.

ORCA Grow Film nanotechnology reflects light evenly regardless of the angle. The isotropic surface luminance reduces hot spots and does not have to be hung flat. It really is simple to use.

It produces more lux and more usable light. Manufactured to the highest standard, ORCA Grow Film blocks UV light, is non yellowing, waterproof, tear and puncture resistant and contains no halogens, no plasticisers and no VOCs.


ORCA Seam Tape - 63mm x 22.8m (2.5" x 75ft)

Light Matters. Why Waste It?

ORCA Grow Film - 1.37m x 10m

Light Matters. Why Waste It?

ORCA A4 Brochure

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