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CANNA Start is a balanced one-part that is less concentrated. It is designed as a ‘baby feed’ to give your seedlings and rooted cuttings the best possible start to grow into mature healthy plants.

CANNA Start provides your seedlings with all the right micro- and macro nutritional elements they require to develop. It is ideal for growing in stonewool and ROOT!T plugs as they are non-fertilised. By using CANNA Start you will reduce the risk of over feeding your plant and once the roots have developed we advise you use Rhizotonic to produce denser, stronger roots for your plant following transplantation.

Our recommended dilution rate is 4ml/litre and CANNA Start will work effectively with Coco, Terra, Hydro and Aqua nutrients. CANNA Start has an EC of around 0.8 - adjust your nutrient pH between 5.2-6.2.

If you have any further questions surrounding CANNA Start then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie Chater on 07951 159 559.

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