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CANNA Terra Professional Plus +

CANNA Terra Professional Plus +

CANNA Professional Plus + Soil Mix is a complex blend of peat and 5% coco bark which provides outstanding drainage properties. CANNA Terra Professional Plus+ is lightly pre-fertilised and chalked to make this growing media pH balanced with an EC of 1.0, as well as being made to the high RHP mark standard.

A valuable selling point to Terra Professional Plus is that is has a greater air/water ratio which aerates the substrate to help prevent root disease. Using white peat means that the soil retains its volume so it doesn't shrink to provide the root zone with more oxygen. 

To get the best results, use Terra Professional Plus alongside CANNA Terra Vega & Flores nutrients!

If you have any further questions on this product then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie on 07951 159 559, or via email Ollie.c@hydrogarden.co.uk.

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