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VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil

VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil

VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil is a high quality compost media which contains a ratio of wood fibre, peat and bark fines to contribute to a greater physical structure to boost aeration and drainage.

The amount of peat in the VitaLink Professional soil has been reduced and substituted for wood fibre, helping towards conserving rare peat bogs. Reducing the peat in our soil also means it is less prone to compaction and does not shrink when dry like pure peat based composts. This also makes it easier to re-wet if it does get too dry.

The wood fibre and bark fines maintain the natural structure so there is no need to add perlite or any other bulking agents.

Overall VitaLink professional enriched soil has a great water to air ratio. Our soil holds a better ratio of air when fully saturated making it less susceptible to over-watering or water-logging.

VitaLink Professional Enriched soil comes packed with beneficial bacteria and has a high nutrient content to help with growth and to keep plants healthy. There’s enough feed in our soil to last at least four weeks, making VitaLink Pro Soil the best compost available for high demand plants.

Use our base nutrient VitaLink Earth MAX in conjunction with VitaLink Professional Enriched Soil to get the best results.