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VitaLink Buddy and PK

VitaLink Buddy and PK

Phosphorous and Potassium are expressed in their elemantal form as P and K on the sides of nutrient bottles and are both essential for plant growth. 

Phosphorus (P) – is taken up by the plant as phosphate and required for the root and flower development.

Potassium (K) – is essential for growth and reproduction. This is the highest demanded nutrient, as potassium is always present in a solution at a stable level.

It is good practice to use a PK based product during flowering, as an increase in the potassium to nitrogen ratio encourages plants to divert more energy into their flowers/fruits.

The VitaLink Range has 2 PK products; Buddy and PK 13/14. 

VitaLink PK is a high concentrated phosphorus and potassium additive, with a PK ratio of 13/14. PK gives plants an extra push during their flowering phase and should be used for 1 week only during this peak flowering period.

VitaLink Buddy is a low concentrated PK with a ratio of 3.5/6. Buddy can be added to the nutrient tanks over a longer period of time to give an extra boost. However it cannot be used in conjuction with PK 13/14 but can be added to the tank again after it has been used.

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