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CANNA Terra Range

CANNA Terra Range

CANNA Terra is a great way to grow with ease. CANNA offer growers two Terra substrates and a two-part Terra feed. CANNA Terra Professional soil contains both white and black peat, as well as perlite to aid drainage. This nutrient enriched growing substrate is pH balanced with an EC of 1.0 and is made to the high RHP mark standard.

CANNA Terra Professional Plus+ soil is a complex blend of peat and coco bark which provides outstanding drainage properties. Having a greater air/water ratio aerates the substrate to help prevent root disease. CANNA Terra Professional Plus+ is lightly pre-fertilised and chalked to make this growing media pH balanced with an EC of 1.0, as well as being made to the high RHP mark standard.

CANNA Terra nutrient solution comes as a two-part easy-to-use feed. The CANNA Terra Vega (vegetative stage) nutrient contains more nitrates to aid the plants early development, and the CANNA Terra Flores (flowering phase) primarily contains more phosphorous and potassium to help create bigger, healthier flowers.

The CANNA Terra range nutrients are available in 1L, 5L and 10L options. For any more information please contact our CANNA Brand Manager, Ollie Chater, on 07951 159 559.

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