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BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus Soil Mix

BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus Soil Mix

CANNA has succeeded in developing a certified, organic soil that meets international organic standards (Control Union Certification Organisation). Bio Terra Plus is made up of 100% natural materials and as such can also be used for organic cultivation. 

Bio Terra Plus is made up of top quality peats which include superior quality white peat. The airy structure of white peat is supplemented with shredded tree bark that has natural anti-fungus properties. Bio Terra Plus has been pre-fertilised with certified, organic ingredients such as bone meal, bat guano and a variety of trace elements from natural sources.

This premium organic growing media works perfectly with Bio Vega, Bio Flores or even Terra Vega and Terra Flores.

Like all other CANNA Terra substrates, Bio Terra Plus Soil Mix is made to the high RHP quality mark standard.

If you have any further questions on this product then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie on 07951 159 559, or via email Ollie.c@hydrogarden.co.uk.


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