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LUMii CFL Lamps

LUMii CFL Lamps

The LUMii Energy Saving CFL Grow Lamp is the low energy option for your grow room. For anyone wanting an introduction to indoor growing, the LUMii 125w CFL is the easiest way to get started and one of the cheapest too.

CFL’s are high-output Compact Fluorescent Lamps which run at lower wattage and generate significantly less heat than HID lighting. They are available in a variety of light colours to suit different stages of the growing cycle.

All Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are self-ballasted so they can be plugged directly into any wall socket, avoiding the expense and heat of external ballasts. They also run at a much cooler temperature than HID lamps meaning it is often possible to use them with little or no ventilation .

Available in both Warm and Cool White, these lamps can easily be interchanged. The LUMii Energy Saving CFL Grow Lamp is a high output 125 watt 5U CFL.

Warm Lamp: 2700k
Cool Lamp: 6400k

TIP: Use a Cool White lamp in a LUMii MAXii reflector for vegetative growth stage and then swap over to a LUMii HPS lamp for the flowering stage (HPS lamps will need a LUMii ballast).



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