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Getting Kids Growing

Getting Kids Growing

Sandbank Nursery is a play care centre providing a range of high quality services that supports child and family development and responds to the interests of children under 5 creating a welcoming, stimulating and positive environment

Sandbank Nursery is located in Walsall and they get the young children they look after involved in creative projects. They were interested in the idea of letting their youngsters grow some plants, so VitaLink have teamed up with Let’s Grow Hydro, a local hydroponics shop in Walsall to donate some growing media and nutrients to help them on their growing adventure! We have donated several 50L bags of 100% Coir and Professional Enriched Soil growing media with some nutrients to get them started.

Craig, the owner of Let’s Grow Hydro has worked with VitaLink for years and really gets behind all positive movements for the hydroponics industry. Let’s Grow Hydro have played a fundamental part in making this happen for the young children of Sandbank Nursery, and we certainly thank him for getting us involved! If you’re in the Walsall area and are interested in growing, pop into his shop for some friendly honest advice. You can find his address in our stockist’s section of our website.

Photos of Sandbank Nursery’s growing progress will be coming soon, so stay tuned to see how the youngsters are getting on!