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BIOCANNA Bio Vega & Bio Flores

BIOCANNA Bio Vega & Bio Flores

Similar to the Terra Vega & Flores range, the BIOCANNA nutrients consist of a growth and a flowering organic base nutrient. Bio Vega has been developed specifically for the plants' growth phase so it is rich in highly absorbable betaine nitrogen that is released according to the plant's needs. The bio active substances in Bio Vega stimulate the root development and the formation of strong growth shoots. This allows even the fast growing plants to optimally start their blooming period.

Bio Flores has been developed for the flowering phase of a plants cycle. Due to the fact that Bio Flores is made of plant material it provides many of the necessary minerals in the correct proportions. In addition to these minerals, the fermented plant material also contains substances such as Betaine and a lot of amino acids, which provide the plant with extra blooming power.

Certified for use in organic farming, the packaging is made of Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), so it is easily biodegradable and classed as a recyclable plastic. If you have any further questions on this product then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie on 07951 159 559, or via email Ollie.c@hydrogarden.co.uk.

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