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LUMii Dual Core Ballast

LUMii Dual Core Ballast

If you want flexibility then choose the LUMii Dual Core ballast, offering dual power levels of 600 watts down to 400 watts.

Built to the same standards as the other LUMii 400w and 600w ballasts, it gives you two ballasts in one.  Always use the correct wattage of lamp to the power selected.

The LUMii Dual Core ballast is compact, quiet running, reliable and is encased in a fire resistant housing. All Dual Core ballasts feature a 1 metre mains lead and a flying IEC lead for added safety. The LUMii Dual Core ballast is cool running due to the use of digital pulse ignition.

LUMii is a HydroGarden brand.

If you have any further questions regarding the LUMii Dual Core Ballasts, or any other LUMii products then please contact our LUMii Brand Manager Harry on 07943 106 855, or via email harry.w@hydrogarden.co.uk.


Length: 29.5cm| Width: 18cm| Height: 12.5cm | Weight: 7.275kg

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