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VitaLink Turbo is available in 5L sizes!

VitaLink Turbo is available in 5L sizes!

Surely you’ve tried VitaLink Turbo by now!? If not, for those of you that aren’t aware, Turbo is VitaLink’s newest product.

Using revolutionary bio-stimulant technology, VitaLink Turbo is a bloom stimulant/booster which is designed to really pack the weight on your flower’s and fruits. In trials we’ve seen Turbo increase the size, weight and flower points of our tomato plants, but whatever plant you decide to grow, give Turbo a try. If Turbo can potentially increase your yield, it’s definitely worth a go…

We are that confident in Turbo’s ability we’ve decided to release a 5 litre size!

As VitaLink Turbo is highly concentrated at a dose rate of 1ml per litre, it will last you a lot longer than most bloom stimulants/boosters curently on the market. A 5L bottle will make a whopping 5000 litres of solution!

Step plant growth up a gear, and go Turbo!