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BioRHIZOTONIC is a 100% natural, organically certified root stimulator (OMRI) that contains a range of vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B2. BioRHIZOTONIC stimulates the development of root hairs, root tips and increases the plant's resistance against diseases.

Having a powerful root zone ensures that the plant can absorb more nutrients to help it grow faster and have a noticeably vitalising effect on plants. BioRHIZOTONIC helps your plants to extend their roots throughout the subsoil more rapidly - this is why BioRHIZOTONIC is, amongst other things, an ideal remedy for stressed plants such as cuttings during transplantation.

Certified for use in organic farming, the packaging is made of Polyethylene (PVC and cadmium free), so it is easily biodegradable and classed as a recyclable plastic.

If you have any further questions on this product then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie on 07951 159 559, or via email Ollie.c@hydrogarden.co.uk.

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