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LUMii Metta Hanging Hooks

LUMii Metta Hanging Hooks

The LUMii Metta ballast – our only metal cased magnetic ballast has BEEN IMPROVED! 
Not only are the Metta ballasts well vented AND cool running – they now feature TWO HANGING HOOKS! 
No unnecessary messing about, simply screw through the two holes provided on each hanging hook, attached to the rear of our Metta ballast, into a firm and secure wall.
This means the magnetic-cased LUMii Metta is now fully wall mountable, making more space for your grow room.
Fitted with IEC connector cord and mains lead, the LUMii metta is designed and tested in the UK.

Length: 40cm | Width: 15cm | Height: 15cm

Weight: 9.72kg

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