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VitaLink Bike Competition

VitaLink Bike Competition

The VitaBike is no longer with us!

As I’m sure you’re aware HydroGarden were the proud sponsors of the infamous Weston Beach Race. It was a great weekend with lots of interest in HydroGarden brands such as LUMii and VitaLink. The world famous riders Johnny Walker, Robbie Maddison and Scott Redding were there to show their skills!

Seeing as it was a motorcycle event we thought it was the ideal place to present the VitaBike to our winner Alex. So we invited him along with the shop that enabled him to win it, HydroGrow Systems. HydroGrow Systems are based in Long Eaton and had the bike displayed in their shop during October last year when Alex entered the competition.

The whole weekend was fantastic and Alex went home as the proud new owner of the VitaBike! CONGRATULATIONS!

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