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CANNA Combine – CANNA Aqua Range & Aeros/Gemini

CANNA Combine – CANNA Aqua Range & Aeros/Gemini

The CANNA Aqua range is specifically designed for re-circulating systems. CANNA Aqua comes as a two part, two stage nutrient solution, commonly known as Vega & Flores. Along with the Aqua nutrient range, CANNA have designed spherical clay pebbles which are ideal for using with PLANT!T Aeros & Gemini Hydroponic systems.

PLANT!T Aeros is a Deep Water Culture (DWC) system that uses a mesh pot to support the plant whilst its roots hang in the nutrient solution below. The water is highly oxygenated in the Aeros’ tank using an air pump and submersible airstone(s) which enables the roots to stay healthier to encourage more nutrient uptake for the plant. The Aeros is available in a one pot or four pot set up, with the ability to add as many pots as you require thereafter.

The PLANT!T Gemini System uses a similar method of re-circulating oxygenated water directly to the roots. However, with the Gemini System, the water is pumped through the clay pebbles using a laser cut flow-ring, direct to the roots of the plant. The Gemini System comes as a simple one pot module enabling the grower to have as many pots as they desire. It is also supplied with a unique floor insert which allows the grower to change the amount of media they use.

All these products mentioned are available today at HydroGarden, if you have any questions surrounding the CANNA Aqua Range then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager, Ollie Chater, on 07951 159 559.

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