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VitaLink Coir Classic

VitaLink Coir Classic

We have Coir MAX in our VitaLink range which is a superior two-part coco coir nutrient that produces exceptional results. However, some of your customers wanted the simplicity of the one-part coir nutrient that we preiously experienced in the VitaLink nutrient range. So, the highly demanded and popular one-part coco coir nutrient feed is back - with a great new price tag and 10L size!

Coir Classic benefits…

  • Developed specifically for the unique properties of coco coir media and contains a key level of all elements.  
  • A unique one-part formulation that means no mixing of nutrients.  
  • A formulation for fast growth and large yield 
  • Reduces pH fluctuations by containing a binding compound. 
  • Maximises plant results by having hard/soft water and 'growth' and 'bloom' formulations available.  


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