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Plessey and Spectron Coming Soon!

Plessey and Spectron Coming Soon!


Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are available in three LED lighting options to help complement existing lighting systems.

- The BLUVEGETATOR will add vital blue and green light that is low in HPS lamps. This will help plants grow more compact and bushy and avoid any stretching to the light.

- The FRPENETRATOR adds essential Far Red spectrum light. This helps to increase flavonoids and oil production as well as increasing generative growth and flowering sites.

- The SMARTBOOSTER is a combination of the BLUVEGETATOR AND FRPENETRATOR giving the best of both lighting options. This allows you to switch lighting boosters depending on the stage of plant growth.

The Spectron Light Science LED Boosters are designed to work alongside standard lighting systems to provide an increase in light uniformity and spectrum. They can be placed in areas of limited light penetration within the canopy or at the edges of growrooms.


The Hyperion White Light is manufactured by Plessey. It is an LED light that provides the complete spectral range of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR Light). It contains all of the light spectrum that plants require for both vegetative and flowering in one lamp.

The power input is 420w to give 760µmol of light between the wavelengths 450-720nm, at a 120˚ angle.

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