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Harry Bradley

Harry Bradley

This month we’re taking it up a gear and have asked our sponsored rider – Harry, 21, to answer some questions and give us an understanding of exactly what it takes to become an awesome rider competing at Weston Beach Race!

Hi Harry! It’s great to chat to you. After your amazing performance last year at Weston where you finished 21st in the main race, we’d love to find out more about your racing career.

We were wondering…

How old were you when you began to take an interest in dirt bike racing and why? 

I first got into racing after watching my Dad ride. By the age of two I had a QR 50 which I was able to ride around the fields near our house. That’s where it all started.

How have you ranked in previous years throughout your career as a racer?

Well, last year at Weston I finished 21st in the main race. The year before, I was out with a broken shoulder and thumb. In 2015, I ranked 42nd. As a kid in 2005, my first race at Weston was on a KTM 65 and I ranked 2nd class, but then suffered broken bikes competing in the 85 class and an injury which meant I didn’t get to do the rookie class as I then had a 3 year hiatus from racing to allow my injuries to heal properly.

Ouch, sounds like a rollercoaster of a journey so far! What advice would you give to anyone with a budding interest in riding?

If anyone is considering riding, I’d advise them to really think about it. It’s not a sport that you can take on half-heartedly. It’s a full-on responsibility where there’s always modifications to be made to the bike - I’ll work on my bike most nights of the week in order to be prepared for the next race day. It’s a sport that gets into your blood and once you start, it’s pretty hard to get it back out.

That’s great advice, sounds like you’ve got to be on top form to compete in dirt bike racing, however – if you could choose to boost your abilities, what would be your chosen superpower?

If I could boost my abilities, it would be to improve my throttle control. Fitness is a huge part of motocross, but you can continue to work on that. Your ability to control the throttle is the main component in building speed which in turn, enables you to consistently begin using less energy - meaning you can become a better rider, especially on the hard pack tracks. Almost anyone can hang off of the throttle, but when the tracks get rough, it’s all down to your line choice and throttle control which really require and show skill within our sport.

So I guess that would make you most similar to Flash in terms of speedy superpowers then?

Ha ha, I suppose it would.

What is your favourite food to fuel yourself with?

My favourite food to fuel myself is lasagne - my diet is pretty bad. Generally, the night before race day I crave lasagne and garlic bread. I really need to improve my diet if I’m honest – however I’m too picky!

Good choice of pre-race meal though! What are your aspirations in relation to racing?

I would love to finish within the top 10 at Weston Beach Race and score points for the Maxxis British championships. I’ve done some pretty cool things and Motocross has taken me to some amazing places. I’d love to say I aspire to be world champion - but at the age of 21 and where I currently stand in terms of racing, that’s without doubt an impossibility. I enjoy racing and just want to be the best I can be within the sport.

Of course! What else do you like doing in your spare time?

I’ve always played football in my spare time - it keeps me fit for racing. I love shopping too but I’ve recently moved into a house of my own so the only shopping I’ve been doing recently is the food shop at Tesco!

Have you ever grown anything hydroponically?

I’ve not tried growing anything hydroponically. I would like to try it, but I’m too much of a fussy eater and wouldn’t like to eat anything I grew! Maybe when I adjust my diet I will try it!

Perhaps we could rustle up a recipe card for a lasagne consisting of hydroponically grown ingredients!

That would be great, let’s try it!

Thanks for talking to us Harry! See you soon at the Weston Beach Race!

I’d just like to thank Jonathan and everyone at HydroGarden for the support and opportunities they have given me this year. I try to keep my social media updated with all my riding progress (as well as more personal posts) so be sure to follow @harrryb on Instagram for all of my updates!