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CANNA Combine - CANNA Terra Professional & VitaLink Chill/Heat

CANNA Combine - CANNA Terra Professional & VitaLink Chill/Heat

Soil growers will be familiar with CANNA Terra Professional, it is a lightly pre-fertilised mix of peat and perlite with an EC of 1.0; this means that there is some feed immediately available to the plant. Terra Professional boasts great drainage properties and is recommended for beginner growers as it allows more margin for error.

During summer growers experience environmental issues in their grow room due to the inconsistent summer temperatures us Brits have become a custom to. Thankfully it’s the 21st Century, so as and when required, we have a unique product available at HydroGarden to allow plants to not only carry on growing in temperatures above 30 degrees, but thrive!

VitaLink Chill is a bio stimulant product that is designed to help prevent plants becoming stressed when the grow room temperature exceeds 30⁰C. This can be used alongside CANNA Terra Professional to continue growing all year round. The recent stormy weather is a reminder that the winter months will soon be upon us – so if you are growing outside using Terra Professional, we recommend using VitaLink Heat as it has the adverse effect to Chill, where it allows the plant to continue growing when temperatures drop below 5⁰C - even if there is a frost!

If you have any questions about Terra Professional then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager, Ollie Chater, on 07951 159 559.

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