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Danny starts his US tour

You may have seen on our social media channels that HydroGarden has begun its adventure into the USA this summer. It started with the popular Maximum Yield Gardening Trade Show GrowX in San Jose, California and most recently we have exhibited at IndoExpo in Portland, Oregon.

We can now report that Danny Bower has been lost to the USA, as he stays to carry out a couple of months of research; think of it like Doug in the Hangover Part II and in the style of the famous words spoken by Tattoo Joe ‘The States has Danny now and they will never let him go’ [although Tattoo Joe was of course referring to Bangkok, and Danny WILL be back...].

Our UK customer’s may be feeling a bit like Stu…


But don’t worry, Danny will be back in less than three months and while he’s away, our Head of Sales Tom Ellis will be looking after his accounts along with our Brand Managers Ollie (CANNA), Harry (Lighting Brands) and Rhiannon (VitaLink).

If you want to see what Danny’s up to while he’s in the States keep an eye on his Instagram and we will be posting regular updates on our news page and social media channels.




If you’re a shop in the US and would like to make an appointment with Danny, you can fill in this form or contact him via email danny.b@hydrogarden.co.uk.

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