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Q & A with Danny after week one

Q & A with Danny after week one

We thought it was about time we caught up with Danny to find out how his first week was in the States.

So, how has your first week in the States been?

It’s been awesome! I’m a big fan of the States – I can identify massively with their love of food and sport! I’ve managed to get on my feet quickly, on a work level it’s going well too! The shops are receptive to my visits and what HydroGarden has to offer.

Where have you been this week? What was your favourite place so far and why?

This week I’ve covered a lot of the Mid/North Massachusetts (or ‘Mass’ as they fondly refer to it). Boston is my favourite so far, it has that big city buzz while maintaining an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Oh, and the beer is fantastic!

What restaurants have you eaten at? What’s been the best and worst meal?

There’s been a good variation so far – Sushi, Thai, Tex Mex, Italian etc. The best meal so far was definitely the shrimp linguine I had at The Chateau, north of Boston in Andover. It was great tasting food.

The worst meal… easily a pizza I had in Boston the other day, it can only be described as an uncooked microwave pizza – horrendous!

Which car have you been driving? How many miles have you done?

I’m driving a Toyota Camry (the glamour, I know!). She’s a trusty vessel to be fair. So far I’ve done around 800 miles. With Rhode Island, West Mass and Maine to cover over the next couple of weeks, that figure is about to ramp up!

Do you miss the UK and why?

Of course I miss the UK. It’s really tough being away from my girlfriend, family and friends for this period of time, but it’s a once in a lifetime experience and I’m very happy I’m doing it!

If you’re in the US and want to find out more about what HydroGarden can offer you, get in touch with Danny via our website enquiry form here… Or you can email him on danny.b@hydrogarden.co.uk.

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