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LUMii SOLAR 315 & 630 Fixtures

LUMii SOLAR 315 & 630 Fixtures

The LUMii Solar 315 and 630 are complete fixtures that power 315W ceramic discharge metal-halide (CDM) lamps to give your plants the best possible spectrum of light.

The SOLAR 630 offers two power switches, one for each lamp, allowing you to choose which lamps you want on/off.

Suitable for all CDM 315w lamps.

Key Features

  • Full Fixture – ballast & reflector
  • State of the art ballast technology, including soft start
  • Ideal as both supplementary and standalone lighting
  • Extremely high PAR levels
  • Highly efficient
  • Short Circuit Protection

Lamp Recommendation

The LUMii SOLAR 315/630 fixture is designed specifically for use with 315w CDM Lamps.

The LUMii SOLAR 315 fixture is suitable for up to 1 x 315w CDM Lamps.

The LUMii SOLAR 630 fixture is suitable for up to 2 x 315w CDM Lamps.


For more information on the LUMii SOLAR 315 & 630 fixtures please contact the HydroGarden sales team on: 02476 651 500 or contact our Lighting Brands Manager Harry on: 07943 106 855

Use our LUMii website and social media channels to keep up to date with all things LUMii - including the release date for our LUMii SOLAR 315W lamps! 

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