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MJBizCon 2017 Review

We were exhibiting at MJBizConference last week and what a show! Over 18,000 visitors passed through the doors, 678 exhibitors were there with 65 conferences held over the three-day event.

Danny, our New Markets Sales Director, Dan one of our UK Senior Account Managers and Barry HydroGarden’s Financial Director were all out at Vegas meeting and greeting new prospects, introducing visitors to our product range and finding out about new product innovations to bring back to the UK!

In case you missed it, you can check out our stand on Danny and Dan’s Facebook Live video…


We caught up with Danny over the weekend to find out how it went, “It was absolutely amazing, the sheer scale of this event was unbelievable, I’ve never seen anything like this in Europe. There were seas and seas of visitors constantly and we met a lot of great people, prospective customers and industry professionals.

 “For HydroGarden, we have made some quality contacts in the industry from this show and we’ll be sending out product samples to them for feedback. GoGro particularly really caught people’s eyes this time in comparison to previous shows where the most popular product has been the Spectron LED Boosters. We had our latest product tweaks on the GoGro including the new valve lid, grommet and inlet for turning it to a bubbler system – the response to these was really positive.”

As it was Dan Harper’s first time in the US hydroponics industry we wanted to get his reaction from the event, “The scale of this event is just massive as is the size of the growers over in the States, we were talking to commercial customers who were interested in thousands of GoGros, in comparison to shops in the UK looking to order hundreds. The range of products at the show was incredible as well, I get involved with Product Development in the UK and I’ve got some interesting samples being shipped back home that I think could make waves in the UK.

“It seems like Danny is really making some headway in the States and it’s exciting times for the future of HydroGarden’s US operations!”

In the United States and looking for an appointment with Danny? You can reach him at danny.b@hydrogarden.co.uk.

Follow Danny on Instagram @dannyhydrogarden to keep up to date with his US trip!

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