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New Year New Setup!

​We have everything a beginner (or experienced!) grower needs to start building their perfect hydroponic set-up. From tents, to lights, to nutrients - we’ve got growers covered! 

Take a step into our incredible LightHouse tent range!

With both budget and premium options, LightHouse portable grow tents and accessories are designed to offer the best indoor, self- contained growing environment available. Designed by growers, for growers – these tents are durable, easy to assemble and efficient – whichever range you choose.

New and improved! The LITE tents* now feature metal corners instead of the previous plastic corners, making these tents even more durable than before!

*We’ve introduced these changes across the majority of the LITE lighthouse tent range so far, except for the 0.6m² and 1.5m² LITE tents. Keep your eyes peeled for these inclusions in the coming months! 

Check out the latest innovative LED lighting system – Plessey! The Hyperion White is a full spectrum LED lighting system providing plants with the complete spectral range of light necessary to help them thrive through both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth. 

The GoGro System is the definitive self-watering pot system, requiring minimal upkeep and engineered to provide maximum yield and versatility. Designed with modularity at its core, the GoGro can be used as a single unit or extended to use in a system with multiple pots.

Based around the GoGro Valve, the system does not require electricity to work. The GoGro valve will regulate the amount of water supplied to the plant from a central nutrient tank so that just the right amount of nutrient is supplied, giving growers peace of mind.

A grower also needs a great nutrient to complete their GoGro set up and to help plants grow to their full potential. VitaLink Coir MAX or Earth MAX are the perfect match (depending on your chosen substrate)! VitaLink also offer an incredible range of nutrients and additives, guaranteed to help growers get the best out of their plants!