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Harry Bradley Update 2018

Harry Bradley Update 2018

We caught up with our sponsored rider - Harry Bradley - to find out just how he is preparing for this year’s motocross events!

‘After Weston, I took some time off. I initially planned to race the Skegness Beach race, but as my ribs were in too much pain, I decided it was probably best for me to take some time off so that I could to go into the 2018 season best prepared. 

However - with the poor weather in the UK and my rib injury taking its toll on my riding, I ended up taking more time off than desirable leading up to my 2018 preparation.

My main goal for the season is to compete in the new Bridgestone British Championship (formally the Pirelli) and to take part in the 2018 Maxxis British Championship. I wasn’t sure of my chances of gaining entry to ride in the Maxxis for the full season. I did wildcard a couple of rounds in 2017, but I wasn’t sure if I would get in.

My sister was due to get married in California in December and as California is considered the home of motocross, it seemed only right for me to begin training for the 2018 season over there… so that is exactly what I did.

I’ve been out there a couple of times before and there is no place better for training - lots of tracks, lots of sunshine and lots of riders. The tracks are open every day and at this time of year, you also get the luxury of watching all of the pro riders training on the super cross tracks.

Whilst out in California I got the exciting news that I had got into the 2018 Maxxis British Championship – something I was understandably over the moon about. Now I knew that it was time to put in the extra work to ride at the highest standard achievable.

I was staying at a facility called Race SoCal, which is owned by a friend of mine. Steve moved over to California from the UK around 12 years ago and set up Race SoCal – a riding holiday company. He now owns a fleet of around 20 bikes and a huge house where up to 24 people can stay at the same time – which is pretty cool! We had a programme whilst in California, where we would complete a warm up and then three 25-minute sessions each day. My hands got beaten up, but I felt great from day one. Out there, I was riding a 2017 CRF 450 – a bike similar to the HydroGarden CRF 450 I have been riding in the UK, so I felt comfortable right from the get go.

In total, I managed 6 days of riding during my stay. Now, that doesn’t sound like much – but if you work it out based on the fact that in the UK I ride once, at a push twice a week, I technically squashed a months’ worth of riding into just one week! I also got to watch the first round of the 2018 AMA Supercross championship.

Now that I’m back in the UK, my first race of 2018 is the Hawkstone International on February 11th. It’s a track I love – but racing against the world’s best motocross riders is going to be tough. Still – a ton of gym work and three weeks preparation should get me pretty well prepared for what is going to be a hectic season.’

We will be catching up with Harry in the coming months as we get closer and closer to the maddest, baddest and biggest event on the motocross calendar! In the meantime, follow Harry’s adventures on Instagram: @harrryb 

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