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Botanicare has landed!

Iconic U.S. nutrient range, Botanicare, now available in the U.K. exclusively through HydroGarden stockists.

With a unique range of nutrients and additives, Botanicare offers U.K. growers the opportunity to grow bigger and more flavourful crops than ever before; so big in fact that it’s set to take over!

The range promotes growth through technology - using amino acids, unique vitamin infusion and patented biotech. Botanicare Hero products include KIND, a market leading three-part performance nutrient; LIQUID KARMA, an all-natural growth stimulator; HYDROPLEX BLOOM, a powerful flowering booster containing amino acids and vitamins and HYDROGUARD, an unbeatable, patented bacterial root inoculant.

Learn more about the complete U.K. product range here.

Want to stock the latest technology in growth nutrient? Click here for the Botanicare stockist application form. Please download the form,  complete and email to sales@hydrogarden.co.uk