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NEW! RAM EC Silenced Fans

The new RAM EC Silenced Fans are now in stock at HydroGarden! This new range of fans will help growers to keep their energy costs low and their grow room airflow high.

The multi-phase EC fan motors allow for exceptional air volume output, while emitting incredibly low noise levels. These fans use a quarter of the power of traditional AC duct fans. They are also available to buy with an IEC lead.

The EC Silenced Fans come with-

  • A multi-phase EC fan motor
  • 50 mm of insulating rockwool
  • Soft-start circularity resulting in less wear and tear
  • Lightweight aluminium casing
  • White powder coating for durability/heat reflection
  • Superior, self-lubricating bearings
  • Supplied with an independent fan speed controller unit to control your air flow

Technical Specifications-




Air Flow



150 mm

110~240 V

40 W

531 CMH

50 Hz

58 dB

200 mm

110~240 V

70/75 W

1078 CMH

50 Hz

58.3 dB

250 mm

110~240 V

135/142 W

1617 CMH

50 Hz

63.7 dB

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