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Featured Product – MountainAir Filters

Featured Product – MountainAir Filters

The MountainAir Filter range is designed to give maximum quality, performance and durability. No other filter has been able to last for three years of constant use, so you can be sure it has long lasting odour control. Requiring little maintenance and reducing noise levels, these filters ensure an effective and efficient growing cycle. MountainAir offer superior air flow when compared to normal filters because of the ‘activated’ carbon used, which offers low density and high mechanical strength; giving better results.


  • Last longer with a life span of three years
  • Uses carbon from the world’s oldest coal
  • Exchanges more air
  • Removes more contaminant
  • Eliminates odour completely
  • Has irregular shaped carbon for improved absorption and filtration
  • Reduces noise through its muffled design
  • Has no foam strip
  • Supplied with 2 filter sleeves, which are hand and machine washable
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