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Tom's Fantastic Floating Home

Tom's Fantastic Floating Home

Great to see HydroGarden's ROOT!T and VitaLink products in Tom's Fantastic Floating Home on Channel 4 Sunday, 27th July at 7pm

Tom's Fantastic Floating Home 

Inventor Tom Lawton devises new imaginative ways to improve everyday living as over a summer he transforms a derelict old boat into a fantastic floating home

VitaLink® Clay Pebbles

...are 8-20mm clay pellets that have a lower bulk density meaning they are lighter, leading to higher porosity and therefore, more water retention. VitaLink® Clay Pebbles offer the following benefits over competitor products

ROOT!T Sponge Propagation Kit

...the kit comes complete with a high quality seed tray propagator and a 24 cell insert and tray filled with ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponges that offer the latest and fastest rooting available today.

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