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The Chelsea Flower Show 2013

The Chelsea Flower Show 2013

Coventry firm HydroGarden has successfully joined forces with garden designer Horticolous, Sutton Seeds, Solardome Industries and Paignton Zoo to showcase the future of growing at The Chelsea Flower Show. This is the first time HydroGarden has appeared at this prestigious gardening event and to everyone’s surprise and delight has resulted in a gold medal.

Found in The Floral Marquee, ‘The Secret Garden of Past & Present’ sees visitors moving on a journey through time, where they will experience an old glass house with period plantings, including vegetables and a cutting garden. They are taken by surprise as they are led into a contemporary garden, featuring an ultra-modern Solardome Glasshouse, housing cutting edge soilless growing techniques from HydroGarden, including hydroponics and aquaponics.

Stephen Fry, Commercial Sales Manager for Hydrogarden, commented “Many successful businesses exhibit at Chelsea for many years without ever getting close to a Gold Medal. We are absolutely delighted that our involvement has resulted in this recognition! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news!”

The following ranges of products available from HydroGarden are featured in ‘The Secret Garden of Past & Present’:

  • FishPlant – the first commercially available hobby aquaponic system
  • ROOT!T – a range of propagation products
  • PLANT!T , SureGrow and AeroGarden – hydroponic growing systems
  • VitaLink – a range of growing media, plant additives and nutrients
  • LUMii, EnviroGro and PowerPlant – lighting systems
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