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Hydroponics industry to boom!

Hydroponics industry to boom!

The recently announced plans to increase government spending on food grown locally by £400 million is great news for the hydroponics industry.

From 2017, the Prime Minister has announced, all of central government will commit to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food, so that all food that can be bought locally, will be bought locally.

Stephen Fry specialises in HydroGarden’s commercial hydroponics, he comments, “The increased spending on locally grown food is excellent news for the commercial hydroponics industry. With the notorious British weather, growing quality fresh produce year-round in the UK can be somewhat difficult.

“Hydroponic equipment allows for the growth of plants, fruit and vegetables indoors in fully controlled environments for optimal growing conditions. Additionally, with the use of nutrients, additives, specialist growing media and systems, the crops will achieve maximum yield in a short space of time using up to 80% less water, than if grown in fields.

“We are confident that commercial hydroponics is the way forwards for supermarkets and other food distributors. It will mean that consumers know where their food has been grown, they know it has been grown safely and to high British food standards. What’s more, they know that by purchasing locally grown food they are supporting the local farmers, businesses and economy.”

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