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Will Aquaponics be a large scale food source in the future?

Will Aquaponics be a large scale food source in the future?

In an interesting article this week (The Guardian, Sustainable Business Technology & Innovation: ‘Aquaponics startups offer local, organic produce to urban populations’) Marc Gunther discusses the viability of large-scale commercial aquaponics businesses as a solution for future urban food production, a challenge that everyone here at HydroGarden is working hard to see made into a reality with our FishPlant Systems.

Aquaponics takes hydroponics to the next level by combining it with aquaculture (fish farming).  The essence of an aquaponic system is that the waste created by the fish is used to feed plants through a filtering system that constantly recycles the water.  The secret to success lies in the presence of microbes which convert the fish waste into usable plant nutrients.

Developed in conjunction with Aquaponics UK at the University of Sterling, our FishPlant System offers an enclosed eco-system that can either be a self-contained unit or one component of a modular system.  Our FishPlant Family Unit can be used to grow enough salad for a couple or small family via 3.5kg of fish, either indoors, in a greenhouse or garden.   It also makes an educational addition to any school looking to inspire future generations to consider all aspects of food production.

On a larger scale we’re working on several projects here in the UK to investigate how Aquaponics can be utilised efficiently in terms of energy and output costs.  We’ll keep you posted on any developments as they happen.

Read the full article at http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/nov/25/aquaponics-startup-local-organic-urban-produce or to find out more about HydroGarden’s FishPlant systems visit  http://www.fishplant.co.uk/

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