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From underground to flying high!

From underground to flying high!

A huge part of our work here at HydroGarden is helping other businesses to succeed when they take a creative approach towards solving a food production problem, so we love to see them hitting the headlines as true innovators of their time. 

Featuring in British Airways’ Business Life Magazine’s ‘London Gets Smart’ tech issue, is an article on Growing-Underground,  a successful business in south-west London that is truly hard to find – mainly because it’s actually based in long-forgotten tunnels over 30m below Clapham!

The team is utilising our hydroponic systems and LED technology to grow premium ingredients to supply to top London restaurants all year round, specifically nine types of micro greens and three types of herbs, all packed with incredible flavour due to the highly-controlled environment in which they are grown.

Plus, it’s pesticide-free, uses 70% less water than a conventional system and significantly less energy over all. Also, by serving only the London area, the whole process is low on food miles with ingredients able to go from being picked to your plate in as little as 8 hours.

In case you are not off to sunnier climes via BA any time soon, here’s a link to the article in question.


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