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CANNA COGr Buffer Agent

CANNA COGr Buffer Agent

COGr Buffer Agent

CANNA COGr Buffer Agent is a complete professional buffer concentrate for buffering and soaking none buffered coco. Unbeknown to many people CANNA COGr buffer agent is actually a Cal Mag. The product contains a mixture of calcium and magnesium in it at a ratio of 2:1 to compensate the absorption of the none-buffered coco fibre.

Another use for CANNA COGr Buffer Agent is to make extreme soft water more ‘normal’. We refer to ‘normal water’ as having an EC of 0.45, so if the EC of your tap water is 0.1, for example, then you can use our COGr Buffer Agent to retain a normal EC value of 0.45.

If you have any further questions surrounding the use of COGr Buffer Agent then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie on 07951 159 559.


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