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Wyevale Garden Centres to stock ROOT!T

Wyevale Garden Centres to stock ROOT!T

We’re delighted to announce that the largest garden centre group in the UK, Wyevale Garden Centres, will be selling a selection of HydroGarden’s specially formulated propagation range, ROOT!T™ in 85 of its largest stores from March.

Five of our ROOT!T™ lines, all of which are environmentally-friendly and designed to assist amateur gardeners in achieving high success rates through more vigorous rooting and reduced plant shock, will be on shelves very soon. These include ROOT!T™ Premium Propagation kit (RRP £20.00) which comes with a free ‘Successful Propagation Guide’, ROOT!T™ First Feed (RRP £3.90), a concentrated liquid feed which promotes fast and healthy root development while also boosting resistance to infection and disease, and ROOT!T™ Rooting Gel (RRP £5.00) which replaces the need for hormone rooting powder.

In addition, there will be two lines of ROOT!T’s™ Natural Rooting Sponges (24 Cell Filled Tray RRP £6.50, 50 Refill Bag RRP £11.30).

For information or to request our catalogue call 07980 932 424.

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