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Meet the HydroGarden Brand Managers

Meet the HydroGarden Brand Managers

We have appointed three brand managers for some of our key brands at HydroGarden. 

Ollie Chater, CANNA - You may have already met our CANNA brand manager, Ollie as he has been making the rounds and introducing himself to our customers. 

Richie MacDonald, VitaLink - In light of our upcoming major rebrand of the VitaLink range, Richie MacDonald has been appointed as the VitaLink brand manager and he is now beginning to make his way around our customers to introduce himself and answer any questions you might have about the new VitaLink range. 

Harry Wareham, LUMii - Most of you may already know Harry from the sales desk, he has recently been promoted to the LUMii brand manager to help with plenty of new product launches. He will soon be out on the road to meet some of you for the first time in person. 

Picture L to R: Harry Wareham - LUMii Brand Manager, Ollie Chater - CANNA Brand Manager, Richie MacDonald - VitaLink Brand Manager