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CANNA Flush is a cleaning additive that can rectify any incorrect dosing by flushing out the nutrients and additives in the treated plant. This organic product is made from citric acid, which breaks down the salts (PK) left in the plant, leaving only sugars, which improves the taste of your crop.

We recommend that you flush three times in the last week of growing with watering in between, for example; Day 1 – Flush, Day 2 – Water, Day 3 – Flush, Day 4 – Water, Day 5 – Flush, Day 6 – Water and Day 7 – Crop. CANNA’s recommended dosage for re-circulating systems is 2ml/litre, and for run-to-waste systems is 4ml/litre.

CANNA can guarantee this product for one year as long as it has been stored in the right conditions.

If you have any further questions surrounding the use of CANNA Flush then please contact our CANNA Brand Manager Ollie Chater on 07951 159 559.

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