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CANNACURE creates what we call the ‘sticky cotton candy matrix’ when sprayed on to the plant; this prevents bugs from being able to walk over the leaves and leads to them starving as they cannot get to new food. However, the ‘sticky matrix’ does not stop light getting to the leaves which would stop the plant from photosynthesising. CANNACURE can be used as a preventative, and/or, a curative to fight disease, kill spider mite & other walking insects, as well as making the leaves of the plant greener.

CANNACURE is an entirely natural product that contains nitrogen and iron; which is excellent to promote healthy lush green plant growth. CANNACURE can also be used as a preventative measure against diseases such as mildew; this disease can be eradicated simply by spraying the plant, or you can simply dip the plug in CANNACURE before planting to protect your young sensitive plants. We then recommend that you spray the leaves once a week throughout the plants growth cycle right up until flowers start to set heavily; this will protect your precious plants from insect attack and mould or fungus.

You can also use CANNACURE as a curative measure if you get an attack by either insect or mildew - by spraying the leaves every three days, starting from underneath the leaf and then on top, making sure you leave your plants in the dark for a number of hours after spraying (we recommend spraying just before your lights go out in an indoor garden and just before sun set outdoors).

CANNACURE comes as a ready-to-use foliar spray or as a concentrated solution which is diluted with water at a ratio of 3:1. If you have any questions about CANNACURE then please contact Ollie Chater our CANNA Brand Manager on 07951 159 559.

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