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Valoya LED Lights Improve Growth

Valoya LED Lights Improve Growth

Czech greenhouse company, Montano Valtr s.r.o., installed Valoya LED lights for three young plant production lines in Lysá nad Labem in Czech Republic. Montano Valtr s.r.o. selected Valoya LEDs, based on the high quality of the products and the extensive plant light response research behind them.

Valoya’s AP673 light spectrum was chosen as it drives quick growth of the young plants, thus helping Montano Valtr to shorten crop cycles and to be able to deliver their high quality plants earlier to their customers. The installation encompasses about 500 pcs of Valoya B150 fixtures and was installed in a new greenhouse, built by Dutch Horticoop.

Tomas Valtr of G’s Group, who owns Montano Valtr, comments: "We are very happy with the selection of light. The Valoya team and products impressed us and now this lighting solution has enabled us, not only to have a very energy efficient solution, but also to improve growth speed, uniformity and plant quality too."

Lars Aikala comments; "We are very happy that Montano Valtr selected Valoya lights. Our plant light know-how and the quality of our products stood up as key selection criteria, two areas which we have invested heavily in since the founding of the company. It is very good to see more and more customers making light selections, based on solid research results and proven performance."

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