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The Future of the Wimbledon Strawberry

The Future of the Wimbledon Strawberry


Wimbledon is arguably the most famous tennis event in the world famed for its white outfits, green grass surfaces, celebrity guests, royalty, the inevitable rain plus the Best of British Strawberries!

An estimated 28,000kg  of Strawberries* will be consumed at Wimbledon this year and the locally grown strawberries endure scrutiny at every possible turn. Only the best of the best (Grade 1 strawberries) make it through the individual inspections to the punnets of Wimbledon.

However, what is the fate of growing Strawberries when the future of growing is changing?

According to Dickinson Despommier’s The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century, "It has been estimated that the global population will expand by 3 billion people by 2050 and that 80% of the earth's population will live in urban centres. With these statistics it would require an area about 20% more than the size of Brazil to grow enough food to feed them, if traditional farming practices continue as they are today."

At HydroGarden, we believe we have found the answer to the growing pressures that are expected in the future. Taking the principle of hydroponics, our in-house experts have developed VydroFarm, the latest innovation in vertical farming.

The self-contained environmentally controlled chamber allows for a wide variety of crops to be grown at higher planting densities than conventional farming. It uses fully adjustable tiered racks to accommodate different crops at different growth stages. Valoya LED lights line each tier to provide a high quality light source and nutrient rich water is supplied direct to the plant. This ensures that the plants are provided with the optimum growing conditions to reliably and consistently produce the perfect harvest.

The onsite VydroFarm System located at HydroGarden has a footprint of 32m2 and a growing area of 77m3.  This area allows for 900 strawberry plants to consistently produce top quality fruit regardless of fluctuations of the British weather outside.

Around 142,000 portions of strawberries* are eaten during the Wimbledon Championships. The growers need to ensure that their fruit is perfect at the exact time to be harvested over the championships and deliver fresh every morning. With such a high demand and pressures of the British weather creating unforeseen growing issues, will your Wimbledon strawberries be grown in a VydroFarm in the near future?

The strawberries grown over the last few weeks at HydroGarden have ripened just in time for the Wimbledon finals. So while Murray attempts to win a second Wimbledon Championship title*, HydroGarden staff will be tucking into fresh hydroponically grown strawberries with cream!

*Bad luck Murray, next year? 

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