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CANNA Hydro Range

CANNA Hydro Range

The CANNA Hydro range is specifically developed for run-to-waste hydroponic systems. The Hydro range consists of a two part Vegetative feed (Hydro Vega) and a 2 part Flowering feed (Hydro Flores). These two feeds are available in both soft water and hard water options.

Why do the two feeds come as an A&B?

The simple reason is that Calcium and Phosphorous cannot be in the same bottle at high concentration as it forms Gypsum. This is a solid white substance which effects the performance of the product. Therefore, we provide A&B formulations to separate these essential plant minerals, which are diluted with water to avoid Gypsum taking place. This is similar to the Coco nutrients suppplied by CANNA.

Why do we offer a Vega and Flores option?

As you may well know, plants require more Nitrogen during their vegetative phase and more Phosphorous & Potassium (PK) during their flowering phase. Therefore, the Vega product contain more Nitrates and our Flores product contain less Nitrates but more PK. Nitrates are salts that influence the end taste of your product. CANNA also recommend the CANNA Flush to break down these salts before harvesting to produce a sweeter and tastier final product.

The CANNA Hydro range is available in 1L, 5L and 10L options.

For any more information please contact our CANNA Brand Manager, Ollie Chater, on 07951 159 559.

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