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Growing Chillies with ROOT!T and VitaLink

Growing Chillies with ROOT!T and VitaLink

Over the last few years, the popularity of growing chillies has increased dramatically and for good reason.There are a variety of chillies from around the world that are not available in most local supermarkets.

If you haven’t tried growing chillies yet, why don’t you have a go? It’s cost effective, plus eating what you’ve grown by yourself gives a great level of satisfaction.

Growing your own chillies can result in a variety of colour, size, shape and, most importantly ‘hotness’!

Common chilli varieties and heat level:

Paprika chilli pepper: Low

Jalapeno: Medium - Hot

Habanero: Hot

Scotch Bonnet: Hot


Chillies grow best in warm temperatures with lots of light. For optimum results grow in pots in a greenhouse or on a sunny patio/windowsill.

What you need:

Chilli seeds, ROOT!T propagator kit, 10cm pots, 12L pots, trays, a measuring jug, VitaLink PlantStart, VitaLink Earth MAX Grow, VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom and VitaLink Pro Soil.

Step by step guide for growing chillies in soil:

1. Sow seeds in ROOT!T propagation plug kit

2. Mix 2ml of VitaLink PlantStart with 500ml of water

3. Pour the mix into the propagation tray, then place the plugs in the tray so that they soak in the solution, wait until the plugs are moist.

4. Once the plugs have soaked up the mixture and are damp, pour away the remaining solution and cover the plugs with the tray lid, make sure the vents are closed.

5. After 10 days the seeds should have germinated and you’ll be able to see the seed leaves.

6. Once you can see the seed leaves, open the vents on the ROOT!T propagator lid

7. You now need to water your plant every 2-3 days following steps 2, 3 and 4.

8. Once you have the first set of true leaves with the second set emerging, and a few roots wrapped around the plug it is time to transplant the chilli into a bigger pot.

9. Transplant into a 10cm pot, use VitaLink Pro Soil to fill the pot. You still need to water the plant 2-3 times a week, you should water until run off – Mix a solution of VitaLink Earth MAX Grow with water at a rate of 1/1L. You should increase the dosage rate in correlation to the size of the plant. Maximum dosage is 4ml/1L. Keep following this regime until you can see the first bud forming.

10. Chilli plants are slow growers so keep feeding your plant, you will get better results if you grow your plant in a bigger pot, so as soon as the roots are surrounding the soil and holding it together it’s time to transplant your chilli plant again.

11. Transplant into a 12L pot, use VitaLink Pro Soil - water with VitaLink Earth MAX Grow at a rate of 3-4ml/1L until run off, 2-3 times a week. You should water when required; TIP: dip your finger in the soil, if the top is dry it’s time to water your plant.

12. When you see the first bud form you will need to switch feed to VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom to help give your chilli plant a flowering boost. Mix a solution of VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom with water at a rate of 3-4ml/1L, and water 2-3 times a week until run off - follow the tip from step 11.

13. Keep using VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom until you see lots of ripe chillies.

14. When the chillies are fully ripe, harvest them and enjoy!

Chillies can take 7-8 months from propagation to harvest, so be patient! The rewards will be ‘fruitful’!

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