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CANNA Coco Range

CANNA Coco Range

Growing with CANNA Coco is one of the most popular methods amongst our customers. CANNA offers growers two Coco substrates and a two-part Coco feed.

Coco Professional Plus is a lightly buffered growing media and is our best-selling Coco substrate. It consists of high grade Coco and has little/no EC value because it is washed in fresh mountain water for a month to remove all salts from the substrate. CANNA Coco Natural is a cheaper alternative to the Professional Plus - it still contains the same high grade coco but it isn’t buffered.

CANNA Coco A&B nutrient solution triggers a chemical reaction in the substrate where nutrients are released from the coco husk and therefore accessible for the plant. This reaction has already begun to take place in the Coco Professional Plus which can save growers up to a weeks worth of growth.

Why do the two feeds come as an A&B?

The simple reason is that Calcium and Phosphorous cannot be combined in the same bottle at high concentration because it creates Gypsum. This is a solid white substance, which effects the performance of the product. Therefore CANNA provide A&B’s, similarly to the hydro & aqua nutrients, which are diluted with water to avoid Gypsum forming.

The CANNA Coco range is available in 1L, 5L and 10L options. For any more information please contact our CANNA Brand Manager, Ollie Chater, on 07951 159 559.

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