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Collaboration with HydroGarden – helping us GrowUp

Collaboration with HydroGarden – helping us GrowUp

When you’re a start-up, one of the many challenges you face is finding the right suppliers to work with, whether its for services or products.

When we first built the GrowUp Box, our demonstration aquaponic urban farm, we were experimenting with different elements of the design. Trying to find out what off-the-shelf components would work best for us and getting to grips with all the administrative tasks of setting up a business.

HydroGarden was our first port of call when we had a question and saved us a couple of times with next day deliveries! Not only did they provide us with great customer service but the sales team, led by Stephen Fry, are knowledgeable and well connected. Working with HydroGarden also meant making connections across the hydroponic farming industry – something that’s invaluable for a small business like ours trying to grow our reputation.

They’re an innovative company with one eye on the future of the hydroponic and aquaponic industry, so we trust them to know what’s new and what’s going on. As we’ve grown the business, HydroGarden has helped us along the way – giving us honest and professional advice and investigating options for us when we were looking to source a particular product.

Even though we’re still small compared to other customers, we always feel valued and that we’re getting a good deal. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with HydroGarden as we scale our business and hope they are too!

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