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NEW VitaLink Bat Guano

NEW VitaLink Bat Guano

New to the VitaLink range, Bat Guano is bat faeces that have been composted over many years to produce an odourless, high phosphorus fertiliser. Elements such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are found in Bat Guano which are highly beneficial to plant growth and make the product an ideal fertiliser or soil conditioner.

VitaLink Bat Guano provides a rich, potent, 100% organic fertiliser which ensures rapid, high quality root growth, flowering and fruit development.

A slow release, natural fertiliser, it contains many of the macro and micronutrients which help to grow healthier, stronger plants that are more resistant to pests and disease. 

The Benefits:

  • Soil Builder & cleanser – improves the condition of soil and encourages a rich microbial life which can break down toxins in the soil.
  • Compost Activator – encourages beneficial microbes which can speed up composting
  • High Cationic Exchange – increases a plant’s ability to feed
  • Reduced Fungal Infections – assists plants to resist fungal attacks
  • Wide range of natural chelates* which gives VitaLink Bat Guano great structural stability and produces a high residual effect in the soil and Coco Coir substrate when applied

*Natural organic compounds with a high molecular weight


Ideal for indoor and outdoor use in soil, compost and coco coir growing media. VitaLink Bat Guano can be used with herbs, vegetables, bulbs, flowers, shrubs fruit and trees.

It can be used in seedbeds and on lawns or applied directly to soil either in a powder form or mixed with water to form a guano tea.

VitaLink Bat Guano can also be mixed with topsoil or other composts to enrich the mixture and be used as a compost activator. 

Available in 700g and 3.5kg tubs.


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