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New US study reveals significant health and crop benefits of hydroponics

New US study reveals significant health and crop benefits of hydroponics

Here at HydroGarden we’re always interested in hearing about what other parts of the world are saying about hydroponics and the role it can play in improving access to great tasting, healthy food. We picked up this report published on www.thisisreno.com on a new piece of ground breaking research carried out by a student at the University of Nevada.

Following a two-year study, graduate Chenin Treftz has reported that strawberries grown using hydroponics have more health and benefits compared to those grown in soil and also have the added crop benefits of needing 30% less water while generating a higher yield.

“Significantly higher vitamin levels were also found in the hydroponically grown strawberries compared to the soil-grown strawberries. The soilless strawberries were higher in vitamins C and E as well as total polyphenolic compounds which serve as antioxidant protection for the body,” Chenin Treftz said.

Researchers at the University’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources, analysed the levels of ascorbic acid, vitamins, glucose, fructose, total polyphenolics, moisture content and brix (sugar content) in the fruit, which is said to be an important quality indicator that can affect the fruit’s texture, flavor and shelf-life. In addition, during taste tests, participants couldn’t tell the difference between the soil and hydroponically grown fruit.

Treftz has won an award for her research and received recognition at the 2015 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo’s annual meeting for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

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