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CANNA Boost Accelerator

CANNA Boost Accelerator

CANNABOOST Accelerator, what is it and what does it do?

CANNABOOST is a powerful additive which when used alongside your base nutrient (e.g. Coco A/B, Terra Flores), increases the uptake of nutritional elements (e.g potassium [K] and phosphorous [P]) through boosting the plants metabolism.

However, CANNABOOST doesn't just accelerate the primary metabolic processes such as photosynthesis and respiration, but in fact it boosts all of the biochemical processes that take place in the cells of plants. This means that your harvests will be fuller and denser than normal, you will experience faster finishing and enhanced quality with no harmful effects to the plant.

What is CANNABOOST Accelerator made of?

Well, it is a 100% organic product derived from natural plants extracts and contains amongst other components, a specific group of carbohydrates called oligosaccharides.

How does CANNABOOST Accelerator work?

Oligosaccharides are recognised in plant cells and trigger heightened metabolic processes. The other components in CANNABOOST refers to a specific mixture of amino acids, proteins and other compounds as well as trace elements. These serve to support the increased metabolic process triggered by the Oligosaccharide´s.

Oligosaccharides are essentially a complex polymer of monosaccharides (sugars), and are a food source for beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi in the root zone. Mycorrhizae live in a symbiotic relationship with the plant by assisting with the uptake of nutritional elements such as phosphorus [P] and potassium [K].

Since all processes in the plant require energy, the symbiotic relationship between the plant and mycorrhizae means that the plant needs to produce oligosaccharides to feed the mycorrhizae in exchange for [P] and [K]. This of course requires energy. The more energy the plant invests in this process, the less it has for investing in flower and fruit production.

Therefore CANNABOOST is not only increasing metabolic processes in the plant but it is also a food source (or energy source), by helping the plant feed the mycorrhizae, more energy is available for flowers and fruit production.

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