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CANNA AkTRivator is a natural organic product that protects your plants against soil diseases. AkTRivator stimulates the growth of healthy roots, as well as root hairs.

AkTRIvator can be used with all growing systems and used in any growing media. It comes as either a water soluble powder or as granules that should be mixed with your growing media.

Trichoderma Harzianum (Tri002/3) is the only variety to  be scientifically-proven to stimulate an increased resistance effect on the root environment. The chitinase production is also increased producing a better root development, more root hairs and increased excretion of enzymes & hormones. As a result, the plant gains more vitality and develops quicker.

For more information on CANNA AkTRIvator please contact Ollie, our CANNA Brand Manager, on 07951 159 559. Alternatively read at the CANNA Website 

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