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VitaLink 2016

VitaLink 2016

The year is almost over, and it has been a busy one for VitaLink. The New Year is rapidly approaching and we’ve set ourselves up for another busy year!

Keep an eye out next year for new products entering the VitaLink range…

Our new product VitaLink Turbo should be hitting shops in the UK around March 2016. Turbo rapidly increases flower size and weight. 

Also, VitaLink HALO  will be added to the range next year. HALO is a foliar feed that contains the Harpin Alpha Beta protein. This protein will accelerate growth leading to increased yield and a shortened time to harvest.

There will be more exciting additions to be announced later next year and VitaLink offers will also feature in our HydroGarden 20th year celebrations!

Keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter social media pages to stay in the loop!

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